Killer Brownies (Could they be Dorothy Lane’s?)

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I have family in Dayton, Ohio. When last I visited, they introduced me to a fabulous grocery store (Dorothy Lane Market) with positively the BEST BROWNIES that have ever been created. So impressive were they in fact that I spent a small fortune on a variety of them and popped them in the freezer for my family to enjoy at home. (They didn’t last nearly as long as I expected though!)

This past weekend I was taking another long car trip and found myself reminded of Dorothy Lane’s famous brownies; wishing I had some tucked away in the backseat to enjoy later. No such luck however…

Bored with the drive and needing a distraction from the weekend’s events, I found myself searching for a recipe on my BlackBerry that might serve as a satisfying alternative. With my husband behind the wheel navigating the Interstate, I narrowed my seach results to a recipe that seemed worth trying. Soon equipped with a (very) short list of ingredients, and jonesing with the desire to de-stress in the kitchen, I convinced him to pull into a grocery store close to our home. Only minutes later we were unpacking the car, my attention turned to the precious brownie ingredients in my grocery bag. With chocolate splendor items in one hand, and my overnight and computer bag slung over my opposite shoulder, I walked with purpose to the kitchen where I proceeded to get busy in my efforts.

The recipe was easy enough. Too easy I thought. I doubted the simple directions would bring me anything close to what I had hoped for. Boy, was I wrong… It was as if I had invented fire - that was the level of my excitement after waiting for the caramel to set that separated the rich chocolate layers. There was no doubt that I had found an alternative to the Dorothy Lane Killer Brownie and I no longer had to travel to Ohio or wait for them to be shipped to me. (Click here to order them online from Dorothy Lane Market or to check out their other flavors.) Or try this recipe, (click here for the recipe) save yourself some money and win your friends and family over with your own Killer Brownies!

  • Tina Holliday

     these were fabulous chocolate heaven loved em so much i’m about to make another batch tonight thanks for the wonderful recipe

    • Anonymous

      Glad you love them Tina. I’ve also been adding some flaked sea salt to the top when they are cooled. Enough to give them a salty sweet taste. Keep enjoying!

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